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Bear Butte Karelian Bear Dogs
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About Our Dogs

     Dave, Rebecca, and our four children live near Sturgis, South Dakota (home to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally), and The Black Hills. We became interested in Karelian Bear Dogs when the mountain lion population in the nearby Black Hills exploded out of control. Lions were killing livestock, and entering nearby towns. In one instance, a lion actually stepped onto the deck of a home, and fearlessly snatched a small dog while the terrified owner stood only a few feet away. While the Game and Fish Department, the politicians, and the animal activists were all debating on whether or not there should become a mountain lion hunting season, we decided to look for options. We felt the Karelian Bear Dog was the answer to the fast growing problem.
     Our family also found it is a excellent asset to our main outdoor activity, backpacking in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. Four times a year, we backpack into the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area, and found the Karelian Bear Dogs are a great  deterrent to help keep bears and moose away from camp while we are sleeping. We now have four breeding females and one male bear dog. 






Bear Butte Bear Dogs. Sturgis, South Dakota